Leticia先生 New!!

Hello! I’m Leticia. I can speak fluent English and Spanish.
I’m in love with Tokyo, that’s why I decided to move here to do two things I love: teach English and learn Japanese!
I’m a big fan of fantasy books, anime, and cute cafes where I can drink matcha latte. I will be more than happy to help you out on your English learning journey!


Nikolay先生 New!!

Hello! I am Nikolay, from Russia, or you may just call me Niko. I have been teaching English to people of various backgrounds for over six years. I have also visited over 30 countries all over the world. I really love this place and enjoy meeting new people here.
I will be happy to learn about you and your experiences, and share some of mine!



Sophia先生 New!!

Hello, I’m Sofya. Originally from Kyrgyzstan, I made the exciting move to Japan in 2022 to pursue my studies at a Japanese university. I’m fluent in five languages: Russian, English, Turkish, Japanese, and Kyrgyz. I’m passionate about language learning and can’t wait to bring my diverse linguistic background into the classroom to inspire and empower my students.

こんにちは、ソフィアです。 キルギス出身で、2022年に日本の大学で勉強するために日本に来ました。

Laurine先生 New!!

Hello! I’m Laurine. Originating from France, I obtained a Master’s degree in Japanese studies so that I could come here and dip my toes into Japanese culture.
I know that learning a new language can be challenging, but I think we can find ways to make studying an enjoyable time. I can’t wait to learn more about you, so let’s enjoy English together!




My name is Kaori. I was born and raised in NY. I got my teaching certificate there and I’ve been teaching English in Europe and Japan ever since. I have traveled to many different places all over the U.S., as well as to Italy, Hungary, Austria, and other European countries, and I have even stayed for a while in Spain to learn flamenco dancing!




Hello! I’m Sayuko. I love English songs so I’ve visited the UK almost every year to study singing. My English is improved through communication with local people.
Please let me know anything you worry about English, and let’s solve it together!



Hello! I’m Maya! I studied English and Chinese in Taiwan, where I lived for five years!
I am now a full-time online student at an Australian university! I hope that I can tailor the lessons to each student’s individual goals and make them enjoyable. I have experience taking the IELTS and Eiken, so please feel free to ask me for advice on exam preparation!



Hello, I’m Kosei! I’m a university student in the US and going to transfer to a school in Florida. As an aspiring filmmaker, I like to talk about English songs and movies. Honestly, I was not very good at English well in my high school, so please let me know if you would like to know some tips to study ABCs of English. Let’s have fun with English together!

こんにちは! 日本人講師のコウセイです。去年からアメリカの大学に留学していて、映画を学びにフロリダの大学に転入予定です。映画監督志望で、英語の歌や映画について話すのが好きです。実を言うと、元々英語は得意な方ではありませんでした。英語初心者の方でも英語が楽しく勉強できるようお手伝できたらなと思います。英語を一緒に楽しみましょう。


Hello, I’m Keiko. I was born and raised in Japan but graduated from the community college and the university in the U.S. I have been working as both Japanese and English teacher in some countries such as China, Australia, the U.S., Poland, and Japan. Learning languages and culture is my passion. I love communicating with people while traveling and living in different countries. It would be wonderful to share my travel stories all over the world with you in English! 




Hello, I’m Yuna! I’m a university student in Tokyo, and I like to interact with people all over the world. I spent my childhood in Australia for 3 years and have continued to study English after coming back to Japan. I hope we can study English with fun! Let’s enjoy English!!